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HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Services in Denver, CO by Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric

There are three major systems that allow every home to operate: your heating and cooling system, your electrical system and your plumbing system. These systems are so integral to your everyday life that they simply blend in to your home – until something goes wrong.

Knowing that you have a reliable company you can count on for the repair, maintenance, replacement and upkeep of these systems is crucial to your peace of mind and the continued smooth daily operation of your home. So when it’s time to pick up the phone and call for help in the Denver area, that help should come from Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric.

Our HVAC experts are NATE-certified, and our plumbing and electrical pros are licensed masters of their trade. Our specialists are also EPA certified so you know you’ll be working with technician who always have a focus on staying green. When we price out a repair job for you, we offer 5 flat-rate options, from the “band-aid” solution to premium repair so that you can plan and budget accordingly. We also offer weekend service at normal weekday rates and you won’t pay extra for weekend emergency service.

When it’s time for expert heating, air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical help in Denver, CO, it’s time to call Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric! Schedule an appointment today.

I would recommend them to anyone.

- Barry S. on yelp

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There’s no question that you need reliable, expert help when it comes to your heating system; the question is: who are you going to call? And the resounding answer to that question should be Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric. Our experts are NATE-certified pros with years of experience. We specialize in furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and ductless heating systems, and have 24-hour emergency service for when you need it. It’s too cold in our area to be without the heating you need, and with our experts on your side, you won’t have to be.

Air Conditioning

Our summers may be milder than other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel the heat. We certainly do, and the best way to stay comfortable during the summer months is with a whole home air conditioning system. Our AC experts can help you find the right air conditioning system for your home and install it, or make sure your existing one operates effectively and efficiently with expert repair and maintenance services. We can help keep you cool and dry all summer long – just give us a call!

Indoor Air Quality

There can be a lot of reasons for poor indoor air quality: excessive allergens, swirling dust and dirt, inadequate ventilation and imbalanced humidity. It can be challenging to address these issues room by room, which is why we offer whole home solutions along with expert installation and service. Our indoor air quality pros will help you find the right IAQ product for your home and install it so that it integrates seamlessly with your existing HVAC system.

Drain and Sewer

Let’s face it: the drains and sewer line in your home has a major ick factor. But these pipes serve a very important purpose – that of removing your home’s wastewater – so it is important to make sure they are handled by trained experts at all times. The plumbing professionals on our team can help with all of your drain and sewer needs, from installation and repair to replacement and annual maintenance.

Water Heaters

Today’s hot water heaters are far more efficient than ever, and there has never been more options available for homeowners to choose from. Today’s hot water heaters are also more complex, and for both of these reasons, it’s important to hire trained professionals for all of your hot water heater needs. Our experts work with a wide variety of hot water heater system types, including tank, tankless and heat pump hot water heaters. Let us keep your hot water flowing – give us a call today!

Water Treatment Systems

Whether you have concerns about your home’s water or just want to know that no matter what, your home’s water is as fresh and clean as possible, the water treatment experts at Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric are here to help. We work with water filtration systems, water purifiers, water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. We can install, repair, replace or maintain these systems so you have the clean, fresh water you want and need in your home.


Let’s face it: DIY looks really easy, but it isn’t unless you are a trained expert. There’s no reason to put your safety or the functionality of your plumbing system at risk to try and save a few dollars by attempting repair, installation, maintenance or replacement work. We’ve seen from experience that what usually develops when a homeowner tries to handle plumbing issues him/herself is a bigger – and more costly – problem than the original. Instead, call the people you can count on around the clock for all of your plumbing needs: Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric.


You flick a switch in your home and hear a quick pop, or the microwave shorts out your dishwasher if the two appliances are running at the same time. Your home can experience a lot of different electrical issues, from needing new wiring in a remodeled bathroom to installing GFCI outlets in your kitchen. The good news is that the master electricians at Twin Peaks Heating Plumbing Electric are here to help with all of it – all you have to do is give us a call!

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